The third installment of the prestigious awards is bigger and better. From a single award in 2015 to 32 awards in 2016, the 2017 edition features 40 categories. The Naija Top Baker Awards is a full fledged awards show to honor outstanding achievements among Nigerian bakers and thereby encourage excellence in all aspects of baking.


The concept is a hand from the wrist holding up a whisk, made from fiberglass and sprayed in gold.

Achievements in up to 40 categories will be honored on December 6th, 2017 at the 3rd Naija Top Baker Awards presentation.


Entries have been collated for the categories listed below. Voting will last for a 30-day period ending on October 30th, 2017. The winners will be announced in Lagos at the Award Show on December 6th, 2017. Venue is PEFTI Hall, 5 Joy Avenue, Ajao Estate, off International Airport Way, Lagos State


Voting for some Categories opens via the NTB Voting Portal on Sunday, October 1st 2017 from 1AM to 12 Midnight Tuesday October 31st 2017. Each vote will come under 1 caption only as directed on the site. Multiple votes are allowed and automatic voting is available. Each vote costs N50FRONT

Nominees are allowed to vote or indicate if they wish not to participate any further. Please note that being a nominee does not guarantee winning the category.

To vote, please note;

1 – Pay for the number of votes you wish to cast at N50 each to GTBank 0158419416 Versatili Communications Ltd.

2 – Confirm your payment via WhatsApp 07051118878

3 – If your vote is for 1 category only, you can get 1 password for as many votes as you can afford

4 –  If you intend to vote in multiple categories please indicate before the password is sent to you

5 – NTB Voting Portal:


NOTE: Please click the caption for the category you are interested in to reveal the list of nominees! Also make sure you click the right candidate for your vote to count. Any misplaced vote cannot be reversed.



1 Best Cake Group/Page (Facebook) This category celebrates your favorite baker’s group/page on Facebook; the one that has helped you express yourself and exposed you to new skills or technique.



1. 24/7 Naija Cake Affairs

2. Be Proud of Your Cakes & Tutorials

3. Sweet Cake TV

4. Naija Cakes & Events Affairs

5. Future Great Bakers

6. Naija Top Baker

7. Dorisa’s Cakeducation

8. The Cake Faculty

9. For The Love of Sugar Art

10. Passionate Bakers Forum

11. Cake Summit


2 Best Cake Group (WhatsApp/Telegram) This category celebrates your favorite group on WhatsApp/Telegram



1. Be Proud of Your Cakes & Tutorials

2. Naija Cakes & Events Affairs

3. Future Great Bakers

4. Naija Top Bakers

5. Naija Female Bakers

6. Barry Remmy

7. Every Bakers World

8. Esperanza Cakes

9. Passionate Bakers Forum

10. Bakers House

11. Mentoring to Greatness

12. Future Chefs

13. Bakewell

14. The Expert Baker

15. Happenings Sugar Art

16. Talking Cakes

17. Dorisa’s Cakeducation

18. Omasweet Free Class

19. Naija Cake Lovers

20. Naija Creative Bakers and Events

21. Velvet Empowerment Group

22. ICES Abuja

23. Cake Crush

24. Tehillah Confectionery


3 Best Modeling This category recognizes the baker that has fascinated us with superb modeling techniques, decorations created to adorn celebration cakes; be it a perfect figure modeling or fascinating miniature creations.



1. Ngozi Azubuike Unegbu – Glitters Cake n Deco

2. Victoria Alonge – Excelvifem

3. Lizzy Okon – Lizzies Cakes and Crafts

4. Kema Abuede – Cake Priest

5. Bayo Olowu – Maplecraft

6. Alowonle Magicfinger

7. Frank Agu – Snowflakes Cakes

8. Kemi Oluboro – El Royalithos


4 Cake Crush The cake world is full of fabulous, creative and fascinating people. Vote for your celebrity cake crush, the baker that you stalk the most on social media!



1. Kema Abuede

2. Nike Majekodunmi

3. Tarela Okene

4. Chef Kola

5. Nikky Anny Okoye

6. Ify Olaoti

7. Terry Adido

8. Chika Ani

9. Ezinne Okonkwo

10. Ayodeji Ajibade

11. Ifeoma Egbueri Obi

12. Ify Eneda BenOkorie

13. Uju Akpoebi Yeri

14. Adewale Fingerchops Adeoye

15. Doris Orumwese

16. Egwurube Anne

17. Modeline Chris

18. Chimamaka Ochiama

19. Tunica Abuede

20. Jane Braun Shoogah Emezi

21. Beignet Baker

22. Babatunde Ibukun Cake Crest

23. Victor Azubuike

24. Beulah Emeuwa Nelson


5 Best Role Model Who is that someone who is your hero/mentor. Who motivates you the most in this industry?



1. Ezinne Okonkwo

2. Ajibola Juliana Olaitan

3. Kolawole Olagunju

4. Tarela Okene

5. Chika Ani

6. Ify Olaoti

7. Gbolahan Olakunle

8. Beignet Baker

9. Kemi Olutayo Oluboro

10. Yemi Dada Bamigboye

11. Lizzy Okon

12. Naomi Samson Ayuba

13. Ndirika Udoyen

14. Mojisola Egbeyemi

15. Adebola Abbas

16. Bidemi Aslem Bidokwu

17. Uju Akpoebi-Yeri

18. Fola Omole




Best Finger Foods This category is for innovative collections of pastries and small chops.



1. Chumex Mixology

2. Adewale Fingerchops Adeoye

3. KOY Chops

4. Meeday Confectioneries

5. Exclusive House of Cakes

6. Elima’s Chops


7 Best Promoter This category recognizes the personality best represents the interests of bakers in the media



1. Nikky Anny Okoye

2. Michael Versatili Salako

3 Chioma OnTop Classics

4. Lola Divine

5. Monalisa Bee


8 Best Cake Show Exhibitions, Seminars, Showcases are a great way of bringing talented cake artists from all over the country together in the name of showing amazing cakes! They are usually based on a theme or a platform set up by an individual or group/company to hold a specific themed event and can be nominated for their overall visual impact and organizational prowess.



1. Lekki Ajah International Cake Fair 1&2

2. Uncut Learning by Dewdrops

3. Ice and Satin Sugar Art Exhibition

4. Barry Remmy Cake Seminar

5. Cake Galore

6. Cakeducation

7. Santa Marie Cake Carnival

8. ICES Nigeria Cake Expo

9. Cake Eat Show

10. City Touch

11. Nigerian Cake Art Collaboration

12. Kogsy Cake & Sugarcraft Exhibition

13. Be Proud of Your Cake & Tutorials

14. Honeysuckle

15. Cake Faculty Business Summit

16. Naosam Cakefest


9 Best Learning Experience This category is to identify and congratulate any baking knowledge resource centre that delivers real value and skills in an accessible and impactful way.



1. Esperanza Cakes

2. Dewdrops Uncut Learning

3. Mix’n’Bake

4. Bakewell Studios

5. R’n’Y

6. El Royalithos

7. Kogsy

8. Excelvifem

9. Enchanting Cakes

10. Cake Crest

11. Deebeez Cakes

12. Santa Marie

13. Happenings Cakes

14. In4U Cakes

15. Tehillah Confectionery

16. Cake University

17. Naosam Cake Fest

18. Sysam Cakes ‘n’ More


10 Cake Brand Ambassador The baker that best symbolizes the industry in skill, presentation and personality



1. Bidemi Aslem Bidokwu

2. Kemi Olutayo Oluboro

3. Ibitayo Ogundare

4. Bisade Salako

5. Gbolahan Olakunle

6. Ifeoma Egbueri Obi

7. Ezinne Okonkwo

8. Terry Adido

9. Tarela Okene

10. Eniye Okoye


11 Best Cake Magazine


This award will recognize the best Cake oriented Magazine from November 2016 to November 2017.



1. Cakes & Sugar Art Magazine by Honeysuckle

2. Mix n Bake Magazine

3. Kogsy Cake Magazine

4. Naija Top Baker


12 Best Cake Charity


The company/individual that has extended help to the needy and created goodwill through baking



1. ICES Charity Ball

2. Uncut Business Set up

3. M-Power Naija



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All our nominees are winners in their own right!

This is a recognition awards aimed at celebrating the best and encourage creativity. This list is by no means exhaustive but based on the entries received within the nominations window.

To review the nominations process or see details like pictures for which the candidates were nominated visit our Facebook Group and search for the specific category. Here is the direct link:

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