The fourth installment of the prestigious awards is bigger and better. From a single award in 2015 to 32 awards in 2016, the 2017 edition features 40 categories. The Naija Top Baker Awards is a full fledged awards show to honor outstanding achievements among Nigerian bakers and thereby encourage excellence in all aspects of baking.



The concept is a hand from the wrist holding up a whisk, made from 100% melted aluminium then sprayed in gold on a black coated wooden base.

Achievements in up to 40 categories will be honored on December 5th, 2018 at the 4th Top Baker Awards presentation.


Entries are being collated for the categories listed below. Voting for some indicated categories will last for a 30-day period ending on October 15th, 2018. The winners for all will be announced in Lagos at the Award Show on December 5th, 2018. Venue is Ostra Hall, Alausa, by NNPC Gas Plant, Ikeja, Lagos State

As a nominee you are allowed to reject your nomination and you will be skipped when the list of nominees is released. Please note that being nominated does not guarantee winning the category


All categories are open for sponsorship at N50, 000 (Fifty Thousand Naira only) each. The sponsor will be acknowledged at the awards show and featured on broadcasts and magazine. Contact Michael on 08035860507.



  1. Dessert Master

This category is for impressive design/display and creative decorations for individual and collections of dessert cakes.


  1. Best Finger Foods

This category is for innovative collections of pastries and small chops.


  1. Top Shop

Running a profitable cake shop is not beans…lol. From creative yummies, top class presentation to paying/training staff, this category recognizes well run cake shops across Nigeria.


  1. Best Cake Blog

There are many blogs that have helped us learn how to decorate beautiful cakes. This award celebrates your favorite blog; the blog that has helped you decorate better cakes or has helped you master a new skill or technique.


  1. Best Cake Page/Group (Facebook)

This category celebrates your favorite baker’s group/page on Facebook; the one that has helped you express yourself and exposed you to new skills or technique.

  1. Best Cake Group (WhatsApp/Telegram)

This category celebrates your favorite group on WhatsApp/Telegram


  1. Best Cake Magazine

This award will recognize the best Cake oriented Magazine from November 2016 to November 2017.


  1. Best Learning Experience

This category is to identify and congratulate any baking knowledge resource centre that delivers real value and skills in an accessible and impactful way.


  1. Best In Diaspora

This category is to recognize the outstanding talent, creativity and contributions of bakers of Nigerian origin based abroad but making huge impacts back home.


  • Best Novelty Cake

This can be any cake that has been carved or sculpted and is not the regular geometric shaped cake. We are looking for bold bakers who used their imagination and pushed the boundaries of convention.


  1. Best Wedding Cake

This category recognizes the very best in this highly competitive and personal genre, whether it be traditional tiered works or something different. It includes Proposal, Introduction, Engagement, Traditional, White Wedding and Anniversary Cakes


  1. Best Modeling

This category recognizes the baker that has fascinated us with superb modeling techniques, decorations created to adorn celebration cakes; be it a perfect figure modeling or fascinating miniature creations.


  1. Cake Crush

The cake world is full of fabulous, creative and fascinating people. Vote for your celebrity cake crush, the baker that you stalk the most on social media!


  • Best Promoter

This category recognizes the personality best represents the interests of bakers in the media


  • Best TV Station

The Nigerian Television Station that best promoted baking and bakers in the course of the year


  1. Best Role Model

Who is that someone who is your hero/mentor. Who motivates you the most in this industry?


  • Best Cake Charity

The company/individual that has extended help to the needy and created goodwill through baking

  1. Best Use of Color

This category celebrates the Picasso of the baking industry. The one whose use of color best suits the overall presentation

  1. Cake of the Year

Which cake blew your mind this year?

   20. Outstanding Performance (Male)

There are male bakers who continue to motivate us never to give up and they keep making success where others see challenges

     21. Outstanding Performance (Female)

There are female bakers who continue to motivate us never to give up and they keep making success where others see challenges


  1. Best Retailer

With so many retailers serving our community, this award recognizes the retailer who is best serving our needs in terms of stock, customer service, quality and variety. This category is open to both exhibition and store based retailers nationwide.


  1. Best In Show

The organizers are seeking an overall, ultimate BEST IN SHOWCASE from the past 12 months December 2016 to November 2017. To recognize the outstanding talent, creativity and courage needed to create a show-stopping piece. Whether it was made for an exhibition or a PR stunt, this category features show pieces that push the boundaries of edible art in a huge way


  1. Best Cake Show

Exhibitions, Seminars, Showcases are a great way of bringing talented cake artists from all over the country together in the name of showing amazing cakes! They are usually based on a theme or a platform set up by an individual or group/company to hold a specific themed event and can be nominated for their overall visual impact and organizational prowess.


  1. Product Of The Year

This award recognizes the product that Bakers love using, maybe new or old, a tool or ingredient that you just can’t live without.

26. Cake Brand Ambassador

The baker that best symbolizes the industry in skill, presentation and personality

27. Next Rated Baker

This award celebrates the one baker who others need to look out for. A star that is set to shine brighter based on originality of their designs

28. Baker Of The Year

An award celebrating the person who most inspires and is ready to support in anyway possible. This special award recognises the person that is always there to raise upcoming bakers, that is always ready to provide solutions and responds to messages with positive or constructive feedback, who makes you remember that your talent is worth something. The individual that has dedicated his or her life to promoting the profession through multiple platforms.

Lifetime Achievement Awardees 2018 – OUT SOON


Endowment Awards

  1. Best Tutor

This is an endowment award by Mrs Ikeolu Biobaku


  1. Best Butter/Royal Icing Skills

This is an endowment award by Mrs Rosemary Ganama


  1. Best Ethnik Design

This is an endowment award by Mrs Sikuola Adewuyi


  1. Best Detailing

This is an award dedicated to Mr Tosan Jemide


  1. Best Sugar Art

This is an endowment award by Mrs Chineze Ibuoka


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